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 Poldhu was  not only an experimental and development station it was also involved in commercial activities. In 1903 the Marconi Company came to an agreement with the Cunard shipping company to send the Cunard Daily Bulletin ships newspaper  from Poldhu and Glace Bay wireless stations on a daily basis. Glace Bay was used as the range of Poldhu could only cover half the Atlantic Ocean. Glace Bay probably received the script by cable.

October 1903 the first ship’s daily newspaper was published on board the ss. Lucania, this was probably sent from Poldhu.

In 1910 the log book of the nearby Lizard wireless station showed that Poldhu station ZZ sent Ocean News at 1am for 45 minutes. It also sent a weather bulletin earlier the same evening.

Station ZZ was used to send details of the declaration of the First World War on August 4th 1914.