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GB100ZZ – Station details:-

On air from 3rd August to 30th August 2014.

From the Marconi Centre,  Poldhu, South West Cornwall,  home of the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club ( GB2GM ) .QTH -  Poldhu site where declaration of war was transmitted on night of 4/5th  August 1914.

Station organised by and licenced to G3PLE on behalf of the Radio Officers’ Association to honour the Wireless Operators who gave their lives in the Great War.  (on both sides of the conflict).

The event run by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club from the site of the Marconi Centre with operators from the Club, the Radio Officers’ Association and licenced visitors. Using the three amateur radio rooms on the original site.

QSL – e-qsl or OQRS direct only to G3PLE who is QTHR.

Locator IO70IA

WAB   SW61